IO Echo
Ministry of Love
Street: 04.02
IO Echo = Blouse + Chairlift + The Big Pink
IO Echo are the L.A. duo of Ioanna Gika and her partner Leopold Ross (brother of Atticus, the Trent Reznor collaborator). After years relying on goth-pop-leaning singles to define themselves, Ministry of Love is their debut full album. It’s glossy, glamorous electronic pop, confidently produced, androgynous, ’90s nostalgic—the kind that’s oh-so in fashion. Their sound relies on contrasts—between Gika’s harmonic vocals and driving, NIN-esque jungle beats, a new orientalist aesthetic that recalls Siouxie and the Banshees’ “Hong Kong Garden” and lush instrumentation similar to Florence and the Machine. Odds are, if you’re a goth, grunge, glam or pop kid, you’ll enjoy Ministry of Love. –Christian Schultz