Jacco Gardner



Street: 05.05

Jacco Gardner = Donovan + The Temples + The Nazz

There is something that is both beautifully infectious and provocatively captivating that defines a great psychedelic album, and Dutch producer/mutli-instrumentalist Jacco Gardener’s Hypnophobia delivers this and more. The opening track, “Another You,” defines the transcendently eerie/haunting yet grooving sound that makes up this album’s brilliant subsequent numbers, such as “Find Yourself”—the single from Hypnophobia—and “Outside Forever.”

However, this is not something from which one can pick one or two tracks to get an idea. Rather, this is an out-of-body sermon that can only be fully realized from pressing play on track one and losing oneself all the way to the conclusion of the aptly named track 10, “All Over.” Simply put, this requires more than a spin—it requires ceaseless captivation, for there is no god, but there is certainly Hypnophobia. –Nick Kuzmack