Jack Name
Light Show
God? Records
Street: 01.21
Jack Name = Richard O’Brien + The Stooges + Pink Floyd

This album is a toxic concoction of psychedelic, guitar-driven, experimental “adios motherfucker,” which needs to be experienced with full attention. The album tells a story that appears to be chaotic and complicated as it sifts through many genres. However, listening to the gems makes it bearable, like “Do The Shadow,” which is full of energy, with full-frontal rocking guitar that duels with some wicked high-pitched vocals. In contrast, “Pure Terror” grooves along as it invokes nostalgia for The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “Science Fiction/Double Feature.” “Killing a Shadow” utilizes high-pitched vocals, producing a creepy lullaby. This is something that requires several listens to fully absorb the seemingly brilliant madness. Beware: You’re in for a ride. –Nick Kuzmack