Review: Jessica Lee Wilkes – Lone Wolf

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Jessica Lee Wilkes
Lone Wolf

Free Dirt Records
Street: 06: 16
Jessica Lee Wilkes = Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas + The Detroit Cobras

I confess a love for femme fatale rock n’ roll, with its provoking beats, soulful vocals and twisting grooves and so Lone Wolf, is indeed a welcome addition to those who have deftly executed this style before. While this a fun and jiving album—I hate to say it, but—what Lone Wolf has here has been done already, and it needs something sharp and definitive to stand on its own. That said, Lone Wolf is certainly not a terrible listen—I actually like it, and numbers like “Something’s Goin’ On” are cool and groovy. However, the Dark Lord of Rock n’ Roll knows that I need something more spicy to deem this album a unique and must-have purchase. –Nick Kuzmack