Jimmy Eat World
RCA Records
Street: 06.11
Jimmy Eat World = Semisonic + Third Eye Blind
Even softer than the already soft Invented, Damage continues the downward spiral into maturity and monotony. I like the single “I Will Steal You Back” for what it is, a gentle and relaxing pop song, same as I liked “Heart Is Hard To Find,” but I need something more than that to keep my interest. I’m not saying that Jimmy Eat World have never had a soft song before, but they used to have a little bit of a bite to them, and you’re not going to find any songs as memorable as “Sweetness” or “The Middle,” or anything with as much drive as “Just Tonight.” Hell, even Invented had “Action Needs An Audience” to liven up the snoozefest. It’s not a bad album, if you’re into adult contemporary. But if you’ve been holding out for the day that Jimmy Eat World start playing rock again, it might be time to just give up. –Matt Brunk