John Brown’s Body

Kings And Queens In DUB

Easy Star Records

Street: 04.07

John Brown’s Body = Ticklah + Dubmatix + Dennis Bovell

I confess that I have a hard time crossing the line from roots reggae to dub-styled reggae. I find that the latter has, in the past, not inspired the essential qualities of soul that keep me rooted in the music.

That said, Kings and Queens in Dub balances both rather nicely, and I might even consider becoming a convert for the genre. After switching on “People In the Light Dub (Mixed by Dubfader of 10 Ft,)” it’s clear that I’m in for a sweet, groove-filled ride.

Though there are many tracks to choose from, I suggest the listener start out with “Gallows Pole Dub (Mixed By Dennis Bovell)” to get an idea of how solid this album is. This track’s mixing of echoing vocals with a prominent beat and use of horns inspire nostalgia for 1970s–styled roots reggae, but with a modern touch. –Nick Kuzmack