Kill Everyone Now!
Street: 08.09
Kill Everyone Now! = Stone Temple Pilots + A Perfect Circle + Nine Inch Nails
Kill Everyone Now! is a guitar/drum duo that currently calls São Paulo, Brazil home (though they do have an SLC connection). This six-song EP clocks in at about 20 minutes and it powers through from start to finish. I’m not sure if the band’s name (and the record title) is supposed to reference the NoMeansNo song or the cannibalism dialogue in Pink Flamingos, but either way there doesn’t seem to be more than a titular connection here. The music is straightforward rock, with a touch of 1990s grunge aggression. Think a pre-Geffen Nirvana, but with more hateful lyrics. You could ask yourself whether or not we need to be revisiting early 90s grunge rock, but that’s really beside the point. For what this is, it hits the mark with absolute precision. –James Bennett