King Buzzo
This Machine Kills Artists
Ipecac Recordings
Street: 06.03
Buzz Osborne = Melvins + John Stuart Mill
Osborne has been King of The Melvins for the past 30 years, and has produced a metric shit-ton of sound, ranging from demonic grunge to obnoxious noise. The title hints at Buzzo’s fear of releasing an acoustic solo album, as many solo careers fall flat; rather, This Machine serves as an autobiography tailored for the true Melvins fan with 17 to-the-point tracks. “Laid Back Walking” rages in with some pretty sweet but simple guitar melodies, adding to Osborne’s mild social and political commentary. Meanwhile, “Instrument of God” has the pace of Houdini with the angry, early grunge/punk vocals of Ozma. This album is not a jumping-off point for starting your Melvins’ discography, but instead pays homage to a lengthy career while introducing an evil acoustic flair and an introspective look into King Buzzo. –D. Russell