King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe
Sing More Songs Together…
Not Just Religious Music
Street: 03.25
King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe = SWANS + PJ Harvey

What can I tell you about this two-track collaboration that you aren’t already certain of? TJ Cowgill sounds like Michael Gira; Chelsea Wolfe is un-fuck-with-able, and the combo is, for a second time now, nothing short of incredible. “Be Free” is their unholy duet, which directly aims each singers’ voice at the other with the aggressive refrain of, “Don’t you dare take my hand if you wanna be free,” volleyed from both sides—perhaps it’s the most direct thing Wolfe’s set her voice to yet. “Bed On Fire” haunts like a tune from Apokalypsis, with Wolfe restlessly lingering over a sonic abandon of smoldering and cinematic post-apocalyptic folk like it so wonderfully does. Are they going to make an album together? God, I hope so. –Christian Schultz