King Tuff

Was Dead

Burger Records

Street: 05.28

King Tuff = Nobunny + T. Rex

I usually think that reissued records are stupid and lazy, but goddamn, I’m glad King Tuff did it. Was Dead was originally released with a very limited pressing in 2008, which I hadn’t heard aside from the occasional song on KRCL. This record is a lo-fi power pop ass-kicker, from the weird, unselfconscious saccharine of “Dancing on You” and “Just Strut,” to the Joan Jett and Marc Bolan lovechild that is “Lazerbeam.” There’s a palpable Mick Jagger swagger in “Animal,” and Jonathan Richman would be proud of “Kind of Guy.” “Stone Fox” is like Lou Reed on a steady diet of weed brownies instead of heroin. Put on your ratty, patch-covered jean jacket for “Freak When I’m Dead”—this garage-punk anthem is an instant classic. Was Dead basically sounds like all the best rock n’ roll from the ‘60s and ‘70s, played by Jay Reatard. This is a must-have record that deserved a reissue. –Cody Kirkland