Kitty Empire – Superliminal Audio Wreck

Review: Kitty Empire – Superliminal Audio Wreck

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Kitty Empire – Superliminal Audio WreckKitty Empire
Superliminal Audio Wreck

Kinda Sorta Music/ Records Ad Nauseam
Street: 02.12
Kitty Empire = Revolting Cocks + Pierrepoint + G.G. Allin

There is a lot of passion behind this music, and it is politically driven. Tracks titled “Food not Bombs” and “Capitalism is Outdated” show purpose and meaning. It is really unfortunate and disappointing that you cannot understand what you are hearing. The majority of this release was torturous for me to listen to. The vocals that were in the very brief tracks seemed as they were being sung through a megaphone that had a pillow case stuffed in it. Visuals of a band getting together and playing in the garage while producing this release consistently ran through my head. I do see a great amount of potential by their filler music. Their track “17” could fit right in with the noise music genre and possibly sell albums. I hope they pursue this direction. There is a way to make noise and be successful at it. I hope these fellows discover it. –Mistress Nancy