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Review: KMFDM – Salvation

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Street: 07.10

KMFDM= Ego Likeness + Chant + MDFMK

Sascha, Lucia and the gang have done an amazing job featuring new artists on this release. It mixes the old industrial sounds with the new, giving producing a new, retrospective hybrid. This remix CD that seasons up the originals and lays out versions the band may have wanted to express differently or beef up. I have discovered a remix CD can either be a curse or a gift to the songs and in this case, it only enhances it. With vigorous, powerful and tribal drumming, Bradley Bills from Chant injects the track “Blood Vs. Money” with a much-needed burst of energy, a delightful addition that not only increases the listening experience but also provokes more aggression as well. The Dope Stars Inc. remix by Victor Love amplifies the stompy, four-count beat, giving the song the ability to work its way into any dance floor mix. Salvation stimulates the listener. Mistress Nancy