Kool Stuff Katie
Street: 03.30
Kool Stuff Katie = The Dollyrots + OK Go + RamonesThis is a fun band. The minimalist musical duo from Portland, Ore., makes incredibly light and upbeat music that hemorrhages positivity. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it bubbly, but the brightly tinged pop punk sound fills a void that I didn’t even notice was there. Opening track “Hard Girl to Know” will have you singing along, regardless of your familiarity with the lyrics. Another track, “Cars,” longs for a location without cars, people or noise, while being charmingly noisy. At first glance, one would be tempted to compare this band with The White Stripes. Personnel-wise, you would be correct—a dude on guitar and vocals with a girl drummer. But the comparison stops there. The music manages to stay light and true even at its most aggressive. Who could ask for anything more? You need this! –James Bennett