Review: Kvltist – Catechesis

National Music Reviews


W.T.C Productions
Street: 12.03.15
Kvltist = Gorgoroth + 1349 + Dark Funeral

This is a strange investment for W.T.C. Productions, a label that, for the most part, puts out interesting releases. There is a whole bunch of wrong with Catechesis and not really much right—unless you like generic Marduk or Enthroned black metal clones. It’s weird right down to the band’s name. Kvlt or cult has quickly become a joke term in metal—kind of like what happened when brutal got overused and turned into br00tal or other variations. I can scoff at a name, but when it comes down to it, the music is what’s important. The production tone here is tight, but the album doesn’t produce a memorable riff or song—it just sounds like you listened to nothing at all. When you have listening options that go far beyond generic for black metal, this is a bargain-bin steal waiting to happen. –Bryer Wharton