LA Font Hangtime Album Cover

Review: LA Font – Hangtime Vol. 1 EP

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LA Font Hangtime Album CoverLA Font Hangtime
Vol. 1 EP

Fleeting Youth Records
Street: 04.23
LA Font = The Cute Lepers + Elvis Costello

LA Font traverse the gray line of power pop and electric rock n’ roll with a display of wonderful ease. Their EP, Hangtime Vol. 1, cuts through the dull void of silence with a pronounced beat and punchy electric vocals. It even manages to hold my attention all throughout with some catchy, upbeat tunes and then leaves a surprisingly addictive aftertaste. The only reprieve from this sugary infection is to eject the tape and then flip it around, but since that lasts only few seconds, I can say that’s not really that much of a bother—but that’s the price you pay with a beautiful-yet-antiquated format. Kids, get your tape decks: This one’s a keeper. –Nick Kuzmack