Cover art for Hour Of The Dawn by La Sera.

Review: La Sera – Hour of the Dawn

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La Sera

Hour of the Dawn

Hardly Art

Street: 05.13

La Sera = Vivian Girls + Lesley Gore + The Smiths

Katy Goodman’s (Vivian Girls) third solo album under the name La Sera is uplifting and poppy, combined with a definitive Smiths-ian piece of brilliance. Warning: This album produces a strangely addictive sound that keeps one hooked from beginning to end. Other side-effects may include a finger constantly resting on the repeat button.

But don’t worry, getting onto this kick is not hard at all. One needs to simply jump into the tracks “Summer of Love,” “Running Wild,” “All My Love is For You” and last, but not least, “Kiss This Town Away.” If this is not enough, then follow with “Control.” Between the vocals and the soothing but rocking upbeat sound, I’m hooked. –Nick Kuzmack