Lanterns on the Lake
Until the Colours Run
Bella Union/ PIAS
Street: 01.14
Lanterns on the Lake = Camera Obscura * Daughter
Combining slow, angsty melodies topped with breathy, echoed vocals, laced with political undertones allows LOTL to express that beauty can be found in even the most dire of situations. Self-proclaimed “pastoral pop” artists, LOTL create just what they claim to be: textbook pastorals mixed with instrumentation that assists the listener in becoming fully lost in the experience. What started out as a casual listening experience quickly transformed into a deeper, more attentive experience that left me breathless and wanting more. Opener “Elodie” switches between post-rock breakdowns and soft, ethereal vocals that sucked me in, while “Another Tale From Another English Town” is somber and moody, yet upbeat. Tackling issues that are currently plaguing Britain’s young population (unemployment and financial instability), LOTL proves that political awareness doesn’t have to be loud and/or gritty. –Allison Shephard