Cover art for Total Exposure by Las Kellies.

Review: Las Kellies – Total Exposure

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Las Kellies

Total Exposure

Fire Records

Street: 09.17

Las Kellies = The Slits + Fuzzbox + Big Audio Dynamite

I’m not usually a big fan of the use of synth in music, but this mix of dub-influenced, groove-filled tunes is seductive to the ears and just damn good. For the most part, this album is filled with slow songs such as “Boy, Sweet Boy” and “A Youth” that have steady beats and harmonized vocals, with notable numbers that made me jive (“La Fiesta”) and twist (“Typical Bitch”).

Las Kellies bring in Dennis Bovell (Matumbi) to provide guest vocals on “Jealousy” and “Don’t Look Suspicious.” On “Don’t Look Suspicious,” Bovell’s vocals provide a satirical Orwellian/Big Brother-esque public service announcement. Las Kellies are an exciting addition to the canon of female rock bands. Much like The Slits before them, they hold their own. –Nick Kuzmack