Laura Mvula
Sing To The Moon
Street: 05.14
Laura Mvula = Etta James + Mary J. Blige + Adele
With her debut album, Laura Mvula has a lot to offer if you’re into music that soothes and relaxes you into a meditation. The wide range of her voice is displayed throughout the album beautifully, and is pleasing to the ear. Personally, I expected more of an electronic R&B style to her music, and was a little bit let down when it turned out to be more of a traditional sound with a slower tempo. My favorite track on the album was “Make Me Lovely,” which uses classical instruments to create sort of a seductive swing feel. Some other highlights of the album were “Green Garden,” a faster-paced song, and “Sing To The Moon.” As someone who likes electronic music best, I found myself thinking that the vocals would sound good in a dance remix, but alas, the slow pace is putting me to sleep. –Julia Sachs