Lauren Redhead
Entoptic Landscape
Pan y Rosas Discos
Street: 08.04
Lauren Redhead = Pauline Oliveros + Bernard Herrmann + Wendy Carlos

In the last several years, there has been a noticeable expansion in the amount of time it takes for me to finish a book. I attribute much of this to the amount of time spent with my smartphone. In the interest of time, I’ll stop reading if I don’t find something compelling within the first few chapters. Records I don’t find interesting are retired nearly as quickly. Organic instrumentation—organ, horns, etc.—and a well-conveyed sense of ominous space/dynamic, at turns hazy and warm, make Entopic Landscape’s four pieces, each rather long, worth hearing in full, in their entirety. This is music that I’d imagine would be best heard in an old theater. Barring that, listening to “Entoptic Landscape: Version 1” for reference in your living room or office should help to determine if this album is for you. –T.H.