Review: Lazlow Pigeon – Manural Horde

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Lazlow Pigeon
Manural Horde

Meathearth Enterprises
Street: 11.07.15
Lazlow Pigeon = Wolf Eyes + Hanatarash / Terrorfakt

The moment the first track began to play, I felt an urgent need to go around the house and lock every door and check every window. This is a very unsettling album in which chaos creates a twisted horror story soundtrack to a nightmare. The track “Haypile Savant” has electronic screams and metallic clinks that embody a titan falling from the skies and stepping on a synthesizer store. The track “Rickshaw Teeth” is reminiscent of a vintage computer doused in gasoline, set ablaze and slowly dying while sending off its final beeps. This is as experimental as it gets—that being said, this was not my type of album. If you like experimental noise music and enjoy insanity and chaos, pick this album up. If you are prone to anxiety, I would suggest you give this album a pass. –Seeth McGavien