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Review: Lee Bannon – Pattern of Excel

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lee bannon pattern of excel album coverLee Bannon
Pattern of Excel

Ninja Tune
Street: 07.10
Lee Bannon = Jeremiah Jae + Pearson Sound

New York-based producer Lee Bannon’s album Pattern of Excel is a fragmented compilation of sounds that features rolling guitar riffs, haunting synths and lingering vocals that echo throughout. I enjoyed the album, but it never felt completely cohesive to me. It sounded more like a collection of poetry—short, concise but never fully comprehensible. It’s a pretty hit or miss album. Tracks like “Aga” did it right with a cinematic build and some pretty cool synth work that drops off into a clippy ending that reminds me of crickets and computer chips whirring through the night. Some of the sounds I couldn’t connect with as much, seeing as how there wasn’t enough bass or percussion throughout the album to keep my tech-house loving heart satisfied. Although extremely well produced, it didn’t resonate with me as much as I had hoped for. –Kamryn Feigel