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Review: Leftöver Crack – Constructs Of The State

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Leftöver Crack
Constructs Of The State

Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 11.27.15
Leftöver Crack = Choking Victim x (F-Minus + Citizen)

From all the way in the back of the food stamp line! And straight outta mothafuckin’ Lo Cash! It’s the good, the bad, and the … well, you know. After pre-releasing the song “The Lie of Luck” via Fat Music Vol. 8—honing the “Crack Rock Steady” rhythm, Stza’s trademark, raspy flow and anarcho middle-finger-inducing lyrics—Gay Rudies everywhere went nuts. Sure, the title is a bit subpar by Leftöver Crack standards, but Constructs of the State doesn’t stray from the Crack City archetypes. Concocting a mixture of cacophonous, crusty metal riffs and 2-tone skank rhythms with lyrics railing against the police (“Corrupt Vision”), racism (“Don’t Shoot”), homo/transphobia and sexism (“¡Poliamor Fiesta Crack!”), and capitalist/fascist regimes (“Vicious Constructs”), this new thread of “atheist anthems” proves that as long as there are overbearing social and political crises around the world, Leftöver Crack will be upfront to question if humanity still adheres to humans. –Eric U. Norris