Leonard Cohen
Can’t Forget
Columbia Records
Street: 05.12
Leonard Cohen = Bob Dylan + Lou Reed

Cohen just keeps nailing it lately. Last year, he released Popular Problems and it was an amazing album, and now I’m enamored with this collection of live recordings from touring. It’s got the studio sound, but with the occasional reminder that people are watching. I knew immediately that I was going to have to listen to the album on repeat for a day. This album has an array of genres, from outlaw country to classic blues—it’s not something you can casually listen to. In particular, Cohen covers George Jones’ “Choices,” a sober lamentation about the terrible life choices you live with—it haunted me for a few days. The weeping violin sent a chill down my childhood, evoking fleeting half-memories. If for just the Jones cover, this album is well worth the purchase. –Alex Cragun