Leticia Rodriguez Garza
Sagüita Al Bate
Street: 08.16
Leticia Rodriguez Garza = Carla Morrison + Ella Fitzgerald
The niece of musician Eva Garza, who was one of the first bilingual artists to cross over into the United States mainstream during the ‘40s and ’50s, has created an ode to her aunt by recording songs that were previously unrecorded, as is the case with the title track, along with re-interpretations of other songs. “Incertidumbre” is probably the song with the least amount of modification, which, as a bolero with a simple guitar accompaniment, is just the way it should stay, as the ballad mulls over the uncertainties of love. With a combination of salsa, mambo, jazz and cumbia, this short EP is a delight to the ears to which I can’t help smiling and humming along. –Brinley Froelich