Leverage Models
Hometapes Records
Street: 10.01
Leverage Models = Imagine Dragons + 3OH!3 + The Killers
With catchy, up-tempo pop beats that are both acoustic and electronic, Leverage Models have the ability to please a wide spectrum of music fans. However, their music sort of goes back into an ’80s pop sound that leaves me playing a montage of Molly Ringwald movie scenes in my head (but hey, if Daft Punk can “Give Life Back to Music” by channeling the sound of the ’80s, so can they). Some of my favorite tracks on the album were “Cooperative Extensions” and “Night Falls on the General Assembly,” because they were the two tracks on the album that—in my opinion—set the band apart the most from anything I’ve heard lately. For fans of upbeat, all-male pop bands who synthesize their guitars, this album will surely be one to watch out for. –Julia Sachs