Lie In Ruins
Towards Divine Death
Dark Descent Records
Street: 02.04
Lie In Ruins = Deathbound + Demilich
Hail Satan, hail death, indeed. This album is the band’s second full-length since they were resurrected from the heyday of early ‘90s death metal to bring back what is a decidedly old-school sound to the genre. It’s longer on both song and album length than most death metal works, which seemed to give the whole thing a more cohesive feeling. Underneath the grating riffs and relentless percussion is some crunchy, melodious groove that really makes this a fun listen. Production gives the atmosphere a vast darkness, like looking down a deep and howling cavern and having something answer your call. Decades of work have given them a solid and mature sound with both a sense of familiarity and somehow a feeling of progressiveness in their choice of song accents. This is strong work from a foundational band. –Megan Kennedy