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Review: Linden – Rest And Be Thankful

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linden rest and be thankful album coverLinden
Rest And Be Thankful

Street: 06.23
Linden = The Elected + Kurt Vile

Recorded in an old fisherman’s croft off the shores of Loch Fyne, Rest And Be Thankful has an unmistakable, laid-back seaside quality about it that becomes more and more irresistible with each listen. With a vocal style that is eerily reminiscent of Blake Bennett, Linden layers saccharine storylines over straightforward, beachy guitar harmonies to create a pleasant album that moves seamlessly from start to finish. The track “Broken Glass” is a poppy, ear-pleasing melody that quickly became one of my favorite tracks on the album. Completely nonchalant and dreamy, Rest And Be Thankful is the ideal addition to any lazy summer day spent lakeside. –Kristyn Porter