Slumberland Records
Street: 08.19
Literature = St. Christopher + The Bodines + Wild Nothing

Sifting through the flavors of indie pop on Literature’s debut album might be as bad as calling the whole bloody thing the dreaded “T” word, but there’s a history here. Let’s start with this: If you prefer tunes brimming with jangling, exuberant guitar riffs that move in thrilling and interesting melodies, then Chorus is absolutely perfect for your ears. If you’re of the pop-inclined sort, then you’ll be excited to know that Philly-based Literature flawlessly refreshes the C86/Sarah canon—as an unabashedly, cloying jangle pop band—with contemporary production sheen and, in doing so, manage to shed the genre’s weight and create an albumful of deft tunes, any of which could make for a stellar single. That being said, if you’ve never been able to discern the difference between Gedge and Googe, this is a great place to fall head over heels into the rabbit hole of indie-pop music—or at least let it tickle your feet into tapping those toes. –Christian Schultz