Lithuania – Hardcore Friends

Review: Lithuania – Hardcore Friends

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Lithuania – Hardcore Friends

Hardcore Friends

Lame-O Records
Street: 08.14.15
Lithuania = Perfect Circle + Radiohead + Pink Floyd

At last I’ve found an album that plays like my mental state walking to school every day in high school; part screaming my lungs out, another part exhausted (working two jobs) malcontent and finally, a sprinkling of impossible questions to complete the brain soup. Lithuania’s Hardcore Friends is an album for angry thoughts, smashing shit and well-earned bliss. The raw guitar riffs and horse vocals are a throwback to grungier times but this album is neither sad nor depressing. Hardcore Friends sits you on the brink of something exciting, and that excitement stems from youthful enthusiasm behind the unknown. So rage on, break some bones and if you ever get lost, Lithuania will be there with new bones you didn’t even know you had. –Benjamin Tilton