The Ark Work 

Thrill Jockey

Street: 03.24

Liturgy = Fantômas + Mannheim Steamroller + Merzbow + Marilyn Manson + Sisters Of Mercy + Deep Purple + Philip Oakey

Wikipedia states that Brooklyn’s Liturgy are black metal. Although, on the song “Reign Away”—coincidentally the best track on the album—there are moments that hint at that genre, their album The Ark Work, as a whole, barely resembles any of the traits shared with other bands that would be considered black metal.

With that said, I found the music on The Ark Work to be incredibly interesting. A majority of the album sounds like what I call “Christmas in Hell.” Musically, it combines Delìrium Còrdia–era Fantômas with Mannheim Steamroller and noisescapes reminiscent of Merzbow using bagpipes and horns. Other tracks range from that of Deep Purple–type organ, to Sisters Of Mercy new-wave gloom, all with a Philip Oakey–type vocals.

Overall, it’s a great record (except “Vitriol,” which is really out of place here), and one I highly recommend for those looking for a new musical adventure. –R.G.B. Robb