Lonesome Leash - I Am No Captain

Review: Lonesome Leash – I Am No Captain

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Lonesome Leash
I Am No Captain

Street: 01.01
Lonesome Leash = Roger Waters + Lullaby for the Working Class + Rhapodija Trio

The first time I attempted to listen to I Am No Captain, I got 30 seconds into the first song before pausing in a frenzy and stowing it away for two weeks. When I ventured to give it a second chance and once more endured 5:19 of heady and unnecessary discordancy, tinged with just the wrong amount of awkward (track 1, “Riddle”), I was nonplussed to discover a slow, positive progression of music quality in consecutive tracks. “Pelican” offers an experimental, complicated accordion melody that could have easily found itself on the soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine. The daunting, empty space of previous numbers is sparsely filled (in the best way) in the two closing tracks, “Fade Away” and “Ghosts.” In the end, I am left neutral in my complaints and praise. This succinct album is best consumed in the rain. –LeAundra Jeffs