Review: Los Manglers – Between Worlds

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Los Manglers
Between Worlds

Last Bummer Records
Street: 06.30
Los Manglers = Crocodiles + The Byrds

Puerto Rico’s Los Manglers’ new album, Between Worlds, is a charming nine tracks that maintain the sensibilities of jangly bubblegum pop alongside certain aspects of jumping, attitude-filled rock n’ roll tunes, wrapped with Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite themes. This wonder concoction of blended sounds is defined by Laira Diaz’s vocals, which are borderline sugar-filled and well dipped in a psychedelic yet dreamy, provocative swirl. When her vocals combine with the rhythm of the uptempo rock n’ roll guitar, it is a solid blend that makes this album an actually interesting listen. There is a lot here to digest, so I would suggest a few spins to get it all. To start, try these numbers to dig: “Stupid Cupid,” “Madeleine’s Day,” “St. Agnes” and “Before the Mirror.” –Nick Kuzmack