Low Fat Getting High
Money Fire Records
Street: 11.11.14
Low Fat Getting High = Queens of the Stone Age + Nirvana + Pennywise

With a sound so raw it behaves like a B-side from your favorite punk/grunge/stoner rock compilations, Low Fat Getting High rock with an aggressive thump that won’t leave your head for hours. In true punk fashion, the songs range from one to three minutes and stop so abruptly that you hardly miss a step before the next song comes crashing out. There’s no chance of sitting still for the 12 tracks, and screaming alone in your car is highly encouraged. The album is not without its catchy moments either, and “Bath Salts”, “Don’t Believe You Anymore” and “Mint Gum” are easy listens for those new to this band’s sound. Fans of hardcore punk can rejoice with this release. For those of you looking for rock with a little kick and integrity, I say this record is very filling. –Benjamin Tilton