Review: Low – Ones and Sixes

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Ones and Sixes

Sub Pop Records
Street: 09.11
Low = Thom Yorke + My Morning Jacket – The Decemberists

The album cover for Low’s newest record, Ones and Sixes, features a lone, leafless tree against a completely white background. This is a very accurate depiction of the songs inside the album and perfectly sets the tone for what’s ahead. This melodic and blissful wandering of tunes makes the listener feel isolated without feeling lonely. Ones and Sixes creates this tranquility that grows with each track and becomes a completely engaging listen. I felt like a child looking out a frosty window, counting snowflakes around that lone tree. I felt the emotion of winter without feeling cold. I completely forgot about the world around me and enjoyed something incredibly calm and simple. Ones and Sixes can fill your mind without taking up space, and that’s a wonderful feat for a record. I encourage anyone seeking a little peace to give it a listen. –Benjamin Tilton