Mad Choice
Safety Net
Stikman Records
Street: 11.01.13
Mad Choice = Rise Against + Pennywise + Comeback Kid
The main reason to listen to this album over and over again would be for the opening track, “Swallowing A Shotgun”—combining elements of California skate punk and post-hardcore made for some heavy, mosh-inducing music. Other standout tracks include “Freak Out,” which brings the right amount melody and noise to the mix, and “1 2 3 4” with its simple yet entertaining lyrics and heavy song structure. Other than these standalone tracks, the album is, overall, very repetitive—I couldn’t tell most of the songs apart and after listening to it a few times, and I got really bored with it. The only thing that kept my interest is that opening track—it is worth checking out. –Eric U. Norris