Invictus Productions
Street: 11.22.13
Malthusian = Gravecode Nebula + Diocleatian + Blood Revolt
Snag this like you stole it—in a way this demo from Ireland’s Malthusian could be the start of something grand or just a fading memory. With its initial release being in the form of a cassette—with CD and vinyl formats to follow—the three track demo (at almost 30 minutes in length) beats up on many releases that aren’t called “demos.” With members from Altar of Plagues and Mourning Beloveth, the band’s already got a great doom-type pedigree, but MMXIII is more of a batch of death and black metal with tints of the rotten kind of doom. “Wraith///Plague Spore” starts the demo out with a nice, blood-curdling scream and that’s pretty much the rest of the tone in store for the release there are good amounts of tempo changes from black to death (only doom in the sense of slower riffing). The band name and lyrics reference a popular theory and the theme and style of the tunes fit that theory: To sum it up shortly, the music consumes from varying speeds until there is purely nothing left to consume. –Bryer Wharton