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Review: Marion Walker – Serious Picnic

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marion walker serious picnic ep album coverMarion Walker
Serious Picnic EP

Casino Trash Records
Street: 06.23
Marion Walker = The Black Angels + Moon Duo

Marion Walker are a decent psych rock band who’ve put together a collection of three songs into one track as a seeming gesture against the corporate pressure to have singles or hits. As a whole, the EP blends the movements together well. The middle piece, “Silver Drone,” is probably the best section of this release, with its slow, heavy tread. Although it is refreshing to hear both male and female voices singing simultaneously in this genre, the rest of this collection is somewhat unremarkable. The opening track, “Seriously,” repeats itself around one riff that isn’t strong enough to stand on its own (which is probably why the “Silver Drone” relief feels welcoming). Furthermore, their finishing track, “Volunteers,” probably sounds good when they’re jamming, but it isn’t necessarily interesting or fresh in any way. In my opinion, the trio should’ve kept this on the burner for just a little bit longer. –Nic Smith