Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne
I Line My Days Along Your Weight
Important Records
Street: 10.14
Mark Rogers & Mary Bryne = Valerie June + The Highwaymen

For a soothing retreat, I Line My Days Along Your Weight by duo Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne dabbles in the bluesy twang of older folk songs, with a fresh take that gives this album a timeless appeal. Byrne’s sultry voice interplays gracefully with old-school instrumentation from Rogers, including a hundred-year-old mandolin, upright piano and a lap steel guitar, among others. The two, now married, create an intimate setting with these tunes: Take “A Gracious Host,” with its deep, melancholic drawl fitting for a journey into the soul, or “Walk With Me,” with Western-infused sounds to maintain a mythos of the unknown. –Brinley Froelich