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Review: Matrixxman – Homesick

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matrixxman homesick album coverMatrixxman

Ghostly International
Street: 07.10
Matrixxman = French Fries + L-Vis 1990

Matrixxman’s latest release is a stellar album that’s brimming with the darkest techno sounds. I can’t get enough of this release. It’s beautiful and eerie and filled with amazing percussion. I was hooked by the second track, “Augmented,” which maintains a steady beat overlaid with twinkling synths. The entire album features a heavy ’90s acid house influence. “Network Failure” is a frantic example of Charles Duff’s affinity for the heavy ’90s acid house sound with a perfect amount of hi-hats and cymbals that crash throughout the track. “False Pattern Recognition” is another one of my personal favorites with its erratic beat and jarring chord progressions. The standout track on Homesick is “Switchblade,” which features some of the cleanest percussion work on the album. The album is a perfect example of the technological advancements in sound that our generation has to look forward to, and you can rest assured that it’ll be on repeat in my ears for the next few months to come. –Kamryn Feigel