Mental Machination Musing and Hic Omnia Ur-Aizib
Red Light Sounds
Street: 11.01.12
MB = Nurse With Wound + Cycles Per Second + Cheapmachines
I’ve always been on the fence regarding musicians/artists who mesh noise with dark ambient or soundscape-type material: Sometimes I absolutely adore it, and sometimes I simply throw the physical copy in the garbage. MB is undoubtedly of the former grouping. Mind you, I am reviewing two separate releases—Mental Machination Musing and Hic Omnia Ur-Aizib—though I am treating both as one. The Hic Omnia release is the more primitive sounding of the two, but both releases are amazingly droned-out and spacey without ever reaching the point of being boringly repetitive or overtly harsh. Brought to you by Salt Lake’s own Red Light Sounds, MB is an artist worthy of your support if you are a dark ambient or noise aficionado, even if you aren’t of that mentality currently, these releases are excellent ways to set you on that path.  -Gavin Hoffman