In The Red
Street: 10.14
Meatbodies = Ty Segall + Nobunny

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Chad Ubovich, auteur of the solo-project-turned-band Meatbodies, is the bassist in Ty Segall’s band Fuzz, and it shows. A lot. Most of the time, it sounds just like Fuzz or Segall’s solo material. You should still buy it—even at its most derivative, this debut album rips. “Mountain” and “Off” show the band’s own unique groove, and the addition of screamin’-eagle ‘70s guitar shredding in the classic garage-psych “HIM” (and most other tracks) make this record just different enough for Meatbodies to stand out among their Sabbath-worshipping psych contemporaries. This isn’t that paisley-and-flowers shit—it’s the kind of psych you headbang to. –Cody Kirkland