Savage Sagas
Self Destructo Records
Street: 05.27
Meatmen = The Dwarves + Negative Approach

As the opening lyrics “We’re the motherfuckin’ Men O’ Meat!” were hurtled in my face, I knew that the legendary Meatmen were back with another anthology of gross-out punk rock. This disgusting masterpiece contains assertive numbers like “I’m Gonna Fuck You Up,” “Piss Hot for Weed” and “Speed Kills (But it Sure Feels So Good).” We also get the climatic, cowboy-themed “The Ballad of Stinky Penis,” and little spoken word skits like “Skecky Presents…” and “Billy’s Birthday Surprise.” However, the cherry on the top of this shit-cake is “Rock n’ Roll Enema”—an unfiltered deprecation of the notorious GG Allin. It’s about time these outrageous sons of bitches gave us a new record—so tell the Dwarves to give up their title of “Greatest Band in the World,” because, as it clearly states in “Dwarves are the 2nd Greatest Band in the World,” that title belongs to the Meatmen. –Eric U. Norris