Spinefarm Records
Street. 05.27
Metsatöll = Finntroll + Paganland + Heidevolk

Folk metal exists with many bands doing different things—most mix other genres of metal with folk elements like melodic death, black or death metal. Others exist outside those boundaries. Estonia’s Metsatöll are one of those bands. They sing in Estonian, not a common tongue or an often understood one. The vocals are usually gruff or growled but multiple vocalists are used. The metal factor is primarily groove and rhythm based with a myriad of different folk instruments playing up the music, often times replacing a guitar solo or melody. Karjajuht feels a bit rougher and less polished than previous works. The tempo and style of the music plays a bit off of the norm providing gruff and rough and tumble overtones that doses up the atmosphere in a huge way. For folk metal, this is the real thing, crank it up and take a journey outside whatever doors you sit behind. –Bryer Wharton