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Review: MGMT – MGMT

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Street: 10.17

MGMT= Youth Lagoon + The Flaming Lips

It’s hard to take music that sounds so wonky seriously, like a few tracks on this record, but when it’s catchy and bizarre, you know there’s some magic in it. Throughout this album, I can hear traces of Eno Moebius Rodelius, such as with “Astro-Mancy” or “An Orphan Of Fortune.” The sounds are deep and mysterious, but they refrain from the dark side of EMR.

Sometimes they’re just infectiously joyous, such as in “Plenty Of Girls In The Sea,” which builds off of the vibe and melody of “Octopus’s Garden.” MGMT are clearly having fun with this album and it makes for one of the most interesting releases of the year. –Justin Gallegos