Review: Mike Love – Love Will Find A Way

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Mike Love – Love Will Find A Way

Mike Love
Love Will Find A Way

Love Not War Records
Street: 09.01
Mike Love = Bob Marley + Soundgarden

Mike Love’s take on the reggae sound is described to be as conscious roots music. For the most part, Love’s revolutionary messages combined with his instrumentation provoke interest. Specifically regarding this dynamic, I am thinking of tracks like “Good News” and “Let It Rain.” Lyrically, I find that Love Will Find A Way is on point with socially aware themes addressing things like strife, struggle and rampant consumerism. Unfortunately, though, when it comes to tracks like “Time to Wake Up” and “Step Lightly,” I feel that Love’s sound is easy to ignore, as it tends to drag on a bit longer than my attention span can handle. Overall, I like the ideas behind the album—they’re relatable and relevant, but it’s hard for me to overlook its lack of vitality in its desire to be soulful. –Nick Kuzmack