Minerva Superduty
Street: 03.09
Minerva Superduty = Lento + Pelican

Minerva Superduty is an eccentric instrumental metal band that resides in the faraway Kalamata, Greece. Their new self-titled EP is a succinct yet powerful statement of how solid post-metal contains no geographic boundaries. Sludgy bass rhythms provide a general backbone throughout most of this EP, which are then saddled with oscillating and crunchy guitar riffs that will reverberate the listener’s skull from every angle. Songs like “Gargantua” and “Tsakonas Emperor” are taut productions that could be mistaken for a well-written Isis elegy. With time and patience, Minerva Superduty’s skillful EP is bound to get them much-deserved mainstream attention. As of now—unfortunately—the band’s biographical information is somewhat non-existent, except for a pithy single-line description on their website that informs you they’re “set to create something that could be mistaken as music.” Greek humor! —Gregory Gerulat