Noisy Ghost
Street: 04.28
Mittenfields = Modest Mouse + The Killers + The Cure

It’s wildly encouraging to hear something good come from Washington D.C. In an age where everyone is racing to remember, Mittenfields have timed their mid-’90s indie rock throwback album impeccably well. The thing is … I was there for those alternative wanderings, and Optimists sounds much, much better. The layered guitar work is impressive, and, though the whole album is riddled with potential fan favorites, Optimists remains surprisingly catchy and melodic in each song. This is a band making music because they love music and are not just burning off albums to fulfill a contract obligation (a sad reality with many young bands). Optimists is packed with emotion and plays more like a tough period in life you’re going through rather than a journey or collection of experiences you don’t remember quite right. The songs are strong, gripping stories, and that is so much more pleasant to hear than the forced perspective of hope pop is infused with nowadays. Mittenfields tell it how it is, not how you hope it turns out, and that is incredibly refreshing. –Benjamin Tilton