Wild Child Music
Street: 09.23
MOA = Big Gigantic + The Glitch Mob

Let me just start off by preaching the importance of having an artist name that shows up easily in a Google search. “Did you mean: BYU Museum of Art?” You know, Google, I didn’t. Despite that, the debut album released by contemporary jazz saxophone player turned electronic producer (I hope this is his MySpace bio) Max Wild delivers personality and variety. In the first few minutes of listening to this album, I wasn’t surprised to learn that the artist had a strong background in jazz, and the sound of the album was a refreshing twist on what most electronic producers are making these days. With a good mix of traditional EDM drops, like in “My Name is MOA,” a little mix of chiptune in “Take Me Higher,” and a little spritz of an Afro drum beat in “Dance Tonight” (featuring Chiwoniso), this album has something for just about everyone to enjoy. Get this album. –Julia Sachs