Moira Scar
Scarred For Life
Resipiscent Records
Street: 03.03
Moira Scar = Psychic TV + Naked City + Einstürzende Neubauten
Moira Scar is an Oakland, Cal., trio fond of wordplay—"De/Monster/A-Tiff" is the title of the opening track on Scarred for Life. That first track is a good guide for the direction the album will be taking. It starts ugly, and stays that way. It’s safe to assume that this is the point. Fans of Throbbing Gristle or those who take comfort in the uncomfortable should seek this record out. Not for everyone, but there is certainly a place for this music — art-damaged, freak/leftfield circles, especially. Each member plays multiple instruments, contributing to a cacophony much greater than one would assume a trio might be capable of making. If this is the case with their live presentation as well, which includes masks, bizarre headwear, and assorted props, Moira Scar must put on quite a show.